David Saks, b. 1952, a native Memphian, musician & real estate broker, has been honored by the local government & the Memphis City Council for his contributions to the arts. Two songs that he wrote, "One Last Bridge" & "In Memphis", were adopted by the Memphis City Council in unanimous resolutions as the "Official Songs of Memphis" in 1990 & 1991. His music manuscripts are in the collection of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., & recorded works in the Memphis Collection of the Memphis Public Library. David attended Rhodes College & the University of Memphis, & spent a year as a volunteer in Israel during war in the Golan Heights. Along with his biography pages at Http://DavidSaks.Com, his Real Estate News & Advice page, Http://Memphis.8k.Com, is a popular site for real estate topics with it's massive network of links. In addition to his work with a Memphis radio station & morning show for several years, he is known to be a fierce opponent of predatory lending, speaks openly about combating mortgage fraud & encourages fair housing practice. His father was with Marx & Bensdorf in the 1950's, & his uncle, Frank Romeo, Jr., a past president of the Memphis Area Home Builders Association. Today, David concentrates primarily on statistical matters & focuses much of his work on changes in technology. David's interests include healthy food, good exercise, playing the piano & the March of Dimes.
Quoting David:
"Owning a home should never have to be a "dream" for anyone. The responsibility of every real estate agent is to make home ownership a "right" & a "reality", in conformance with fairness, the principles of sound ethical judgement, justice & the laws of our nation."